Get acquainted: I - Emil Kutin, the author of this project. I live in St.-Petersburg and I am 32 years old.

Here is placed the project: "The source of energy: evaporation - condensation", which explains the chance to obtain a difference of temperatures and pressure from the heat surrounding us.


Attention! I propose a new version of my work: "Energy source: evaporation - condensation"

Option: a single system.

In this embodiment, a single gas - CO2, and two-chamber tank.

The same work in PDF-format.

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We say no to new Chernobyl and Fukushima!

I am pleased to offer a

supplement to the second Section

of study "Source of Energy: Evaporation - Condensation" for your attention

(PDF-format), (JPG-format: 1, 2).

The Section represents an efficient way to separate gas mixture, which consists of condensed and non-condensed gases as a result of adiabatic expansion process.


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